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Best Camera Phone 2019

In an age where phone cameras compete with digital cameras, the rush for phones with good camera quality is unavoidable. Smartphone makers have taken it upon themselves to be very dynamic in the smartphone...

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Infinix hot 7 price in Nigeria

Infinix Mobility, the intelligent smartphone brand has launched another device in the HOT series, the Infinix HOT 7. Infinix is well-known in emerging markets where it has a reputation for high performance devices at...

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Infinix S4 price and specifications

Infinix S4 When we talk about smartphone companies that are really bent on providing the best for their users, Infinix mobility company must be mentioned, they are always coming up with new smartphones with...

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GravityLight…What Is GravityLight?

The weight of light For centuries, mankind has used gravity to power many devices. The most common being giant clocks and pulleys. But then electricity came along and gravity was no longer directly needed....