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GravityLight…What Is GravityLight?

The weight of light For centuries, mankind has used gravity to power many devices. The most common being giant clocks and pulleys. But then electricity came along and gravity was no longer directly needed....

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Flow Batteries

Flow batteries are rechargeable batteries which use replaceable electrolytes to produce electricity. They can be compared to fuel cells which use hydrogen to produce electricity. Flow batteries have the advantage of instant recharging. The...



You’ve probably wished that all that waste water in your community can be gotten rid of. Propbably because of how bad it looks or the deadly microbes it hoards. If you are lucky enough...

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Why renewable energy hasn’t gone mainstream

Simple Answer: Renewable Energy sources are still too expensive and produce lesser power than nonrenewable sources. Renewable energy is something that almost everyone, who hasn’t been living under a rock, knows about. Many people...

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Nuclear Fusion Technology

Nuclear fusion is the merging of two light atomic nuclei to form a single heavier nucleus, with the release of energy, radiation and sub-atomic particles (neutrons). This definition is at the very basic level....

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Water Fueled Vehicles

A water-fuelled vehicle is a car that theoretically gets its energy straightforwardly from water. Water-fuelled vehicles have been the subject of various universal licenses, paper and prominent science magazine articles, neighborhood TV news inclusion,...