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25 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Really Need To Know

WhatsApp has such a large number of highlights that we may not think about, and we don’t much try to utilize. In some cases, we might search for an approach to send area or change warning tone. Whatever it is, I am certain this rundown of tips and traps will probably cover nearly all that you have to know. WhatsApp Tricks takes a shot at WhatsApp Plus on the off chance that you ought to know.

How To Mark a Message As Important?

If you get an imperative WhatsApp message that you might want to spare or you would require later, you can just star it. This would enable you to protect the message and discovering it tends to be simple. Regardless of whether you clear the messages, the featured messages can be preserved.

Open the visit, tap and hold the message you need to stamp, when it is chosen, a star icon would show up at the best bar, tap the star symbol to check the message as featured (important)

How to locate a featured message?

Open visit with the ideal individual, tap on their name to see profile data (or on the primary talks tab, tap on the individual’s profile picture and tap the data icon). On the data page, tap “Featured messages.” All featured messages would be shown there

 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: How to Pin Chats?

Whatsapp is structured so that most recent messages possess the best position in talks tab, yet on the off chance that you have somebody you consistently visit with, finding the individual can very be troublesome, here is the stick talk work comes in. You can stick a talk or gathering to the best position with the goal that new messages got would not push the visit downwards. Whatsapp permits up to 3 pins while WhatsApp Plus Allows up to 10.

On the talk tab, tap and hold the individual you need to pin
Tap on the Pin icon at the best bar.

How to Use Whatsapp as NotePad?

Maybe you are attempting to type something or make a message that needs altering, or you just replicated a joke that you have to glue or alter or anything, this trap can come in handy.

  • Tap on the new visit drifting symbol (base right)On the select contact screen, tap New Group.
  • Add a member (just a single individual) to the gathering and continue to enter the gathering data and some other asked for information.
  • Once the gathering is made, kick the individual out
  • There, you have the gathering to yourself to use as a notepad.

How to strong, stress or make strikethrough text?

whatsapp tips and tricks

It is one of the most effortless traps that numerous people don’t know exists or think about how to do it. There are two different ways to do this.
First, on the off chance that you need to make a bolded content, put a reference bullet (*) toward the start of the word(s) you need to make strong and furthermore toward the end, e.g. *I am making an intense text*
The same trap applies when you need to make italics, this time; you utilize the underscore (_) while a strikethrough requires a tilde (~) on both side of the text.

The second way expects you to choose and feature the test you need to apply the consequences for in the textbox, tap on “more” and select the alternative to intense, emphasize or strikethrough from the in menu.

Stop Auto-Download of Media Files to Save Mobile Data

WhatsApp cares about our portable information. You can stop the auto download of media documents on mobile data, so you pick what and when to download them.
Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > When Using portable Data and tick the choices you would prefer not to download automatically.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Turn Off Last Seen

whatsapp tips and tricks

Think somebody is stalking you or you would prefer not to desert a trail, you can kill last seen.
Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen

Hide Your Status From A Contact/Share Contact With Only Selected Contacts

Sometimes you have individuals who as a rule reprimand your status, or you don’t need somebody to see your status (perhaps a parent or connection), you can conceal your status from them.
Settings > Account > Privacy > Status > My Contacts Except

If you wish to permit just a couple of people to see your status and you need to it from everybody else
Settings > Account > Privacy > Status > Only Share With

 Turn off Read Feature

Some people loathe the read include that cautions a sender that a beneficiary has seen his/her messages, you can kill this component on the off chance that you are one of them, know whether you communicate something specific likewise, here would be no perused receipts for you.

Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts

Read Messages Without Notifying Senders

If you wish to peruse a message without advising the sender, while additionally keeping the new message warnings, pursue the means below.

  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Open WhatsApp and read all the got messages you need to
  • close WhatsApp and swipe it off late applications list
  • turn off plane mode

View Blocked Contacts and Block Multiple Contacts

It is your record, and you can boycott whomever you need, at whatever point you need. To see blocked contacts and boycott numerous contacts go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts.
To obstruct various people, tap the contact icon at the upper right of the Blocked Contactspage to open the contacts page where you can choose the gets in touch with you want.

Quote A Message in Your Reply Faster

whatsapp tips and tricks

Quoting a message to answer to is one the element that improves WhatsApp than Facebook Messenger. Be it in a gathering visit or private talk to answer to a message individual direct, tap and hold the message you need to cite (or send the answer to) and begin composing, WhatsApp would naturally cite the message.

Secure Your Account utilizing 2 stage verification

If you fear losing your SIM and somebody getting to your WhatsApp account, well, 2 Step Verification Got your back. Whatsapp ordinarily utilizes a One Time Pin to confirm accounts, with 2 Step Verification, you would enter a six-digit stick that would be utilized along in checking the record at whatever point you sign in from another device.
Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Direct Chat Shortcut

You don’t need to open WhatsApp constantly and begin searching for a reach you visit with routinely. On the off chance that Whatsapp Chat Pins doesn’t do it for you, you can make a Direct Chat shortcut to your home screen where you can just tap on the alternate route, and it takes you to the individual’s discussions. To do this;

Open Group or Chat, Tap on the three-spot menu on the upper right, Tap MoreAdd Shortcut

Check How Much Storage Space WhatsApp Contact is Using, And Delete Them

WhatsApp enables you to see how much space it is utilizing on your telephone and who is sending the most documents. The information is helpful however as it masterminds the measurements as per record type (video, content, gif) and it additionally enables you to erase media records or reports from an explicit talk or gathering at one go.

To see this detail go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.

To Delete Files, tap on a contact and tap on clear message

Manage WhatsApp Calls Data

If you feel WhatsApp calls is chewing your data, you can turn on a feature to limit data consumption.
Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Low Data Usage and tick it on

 Live Location

whatsapp tips and tricks

Live Location tips and trick can come in handy if you wish to allow a person to monitor your location for either 15 minutes, an hour or 8 hours. this feature can be useful if you are going somewhere you are not familiar with and you wish to let your parents or significant other to know where you are. Live location works with Google maps for tracking and requires your Location to be turned on.
It can also be used to prove to doubting-Thomases that you are indeed where you say you are. The good thing is you can also end the live location feed anytime you want.
To use this feature, open the chat with the person you wish to share the location with, tap on the paperclip icon, tap location and tap “Send your current location.”

Create a Custom notification for a contact

Having lots of contacts sending messages can be a bit overwhelming. There are days you are expecting messages from a person, and since all messages have the same default tone, you would have no choice but to monitor your phone whenever a message comes it. It doesn’t have to be so as you can add a custom notification to your important contacts. To do this

  • open chat with the desired person
  • tap on the person’s name at the top in the chat window,
  • tap on custom notifications > use custom notifications.
  • Here you can change the tone and led notification here.
  • Repeat for as many people as you wish to add

Reply Chats Without Opening WhatsApp

For those of us using Android Nougat OS and above, we can reply messages directly from the notification bar. For those using Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop or MarshMallow, you can do this by creating Pop Up notifications for all chats.
To do this, go to Settings > Notifications > Popup notifications > always show popup.
Now when you receive a message, you can reply without opening WhatsApp via the popup. Applicable to Android N – P users too

Reply Only A Contact Without Opening WhatsApp

Popup notification for all chats can be annoying too. In case you want to reply only one contact, turn off pop up for all chats first (go to Settings > Notifications > Popup notifications > no popup)

Then go back to the chats tab,

  • open chat with the desired person
  • tap on the person’s name at the top in the chat window
  • tap on custom notifications
  • use custom notifications
  • Popup notifications
  • always show popup.
  • Repeat for as many people as you wish to add.

Block A Contact From Calling You

WhatsApp call is one of the best features on the app, but sometimes we don’t want some folks to call us. To do that,

  • open chat with the desired person
  • tap on the person’s name at the top in the chat window,
  • tap on custom notifications
  • use custom notifications
  • Disable Voice Calls.

Mute Status

WhatsApp status is a good thing and some folks use it to advertise products and services, but some folks abuse it by uploading too many contents. If you feel someone’s status is disturbing you, you can mute it. Go to Status Tab, Tap and hold the person’s status, Tap Mute.

so you see? WhatsApp has really untapped amazing features on it,WhatsApp is bae …smiles


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