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What is ChatBot? meaning and importance of chatbots

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what are chatbots?


what are chatbots ? and what work do they perform for your social media group or page? many people have been missing out on the incredible work chatbots in making work easier,well….most doesn’t even know about chatbots neither have they heard about what are chatbots?

A chatbot is simply an artificial intelligence software designed to automatically perform specific tasks. These tasks vary from making restaurant reservations to collection and display of information about events like the weather and news.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software system which can communicate or ‘chat’ in a natural (human) language with a human user on issues concerning information or specific tasks. A chatbot in the ideal case is a versatile software that mainly interacts with its user mainly as a personal assistant. Chatbots can assist in web searches, booking of flights, DIY projects and much more. They are created to reduce human pain and free up time for more rewarding tasks.



The fundamental principle behind chatbots is pattern-matching. They recognise keywords from a user’s input and checks the database for a predefined output. Assuming a user asks the chatbot, ‘how do I replace my kitchen light?’. The chatbot will most probably ask: “tell me more about the light” or “what kind of lightbulb is it?”. Integrating artificial intelligence software into a chatbot enables it to learn like a human child and improve its database. 


There are two approaches to chatbots: Rule-Based Approach and Artificial Intelligence approach. The rule based approach involves a given programmed set of rules on how to gather information and answer questions intelligently. It can be simple or complex. It is static and thus has less efficiency than the AI approach. It receives improvement through re-programming.

ArtificiaI Intelligence approach uses machine learning algorithms to constantly improve the chatbot’s intelligence. It uses analytics platforms () and API integration to feed the AI with resources. These serves to improve the quality of answers. This always involves a large dataset and a lot of programming, but the chatbot turns out to be intelligent, able to simulate human intelligence.

Chatbots are mainly built in messaging apps, though not limited to them. Though most live in Facebook, Slack, twitter, they can be custom built for a specific purpose.



1.  Virtual Assistant:

This use of a chatbot to automate the job of an assistance. In this context, it carries out tasks like hotel booking, online purchasing, restaurant reservations and the like. These tasks being automated give the human agents more time to handle more demanding tasks. It also enables companies to have a 24/7 customer service

I       idea Generation and Unstructured Data Analysis:

Robust chatbots have an integrated AI software within them. This AI like any other, learns from previous experiences. A chatbot that works with the sales department of an online retailer can make predictions on what customers will buy next whenever there’s a shift in trend. This gives the company more flexibility and profit.


3.  Automation of Routine Cognitive Processes:

Manual cognitive processes like data collection from reports can now be automated by chatbots. This takes it a step further which is simultaneous collection and analysis. This goes a long way to make accurate predictions of the future. It also reduces work stress for employees.





Most common chatbots live in messenger apps like Facebook or slack. Though they can be customised for a specific application. The major key terms here are AI and messaging platforms. With the preference of messaging apps to social networks, chatbots become a huge opportunity for solving human pains. The major constraint is the need for “big data”. Chatbots are still at the budding stage, but will eventually replace websites when the technology for Natural Language Processing improves. With time, human will be assisted in all possible ways by chatbots.



The Loebner Prize is an annual contest of chatbots. Here, chatbots are assessed on their ability to fool a judge in a restricted chat session. The whole set-up is based on Alan Turing’s test known as the Turing test. This was proposed in a 1950 paper titled Computing Machinery and Intelligence.


Chatbot is not a new term or technology, but with rapid improvements in AI and Machine Learning, they could eventually replace websites and fuel the next generation of innovation.





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